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Why You Should Add Christmas Decor to Your Bedroom/Guest Room!

It's not too late to get your bedroom or guest room ready for Christmas! Even if you normally only decorate your living room, there are PLENTY of pretty good reasons to add some Christmas decor to your bedroom.

1) Watching a Christmas movie in bed with holiday decorations makes the room SO much cozier!

2) You probably already have some extra Christmas decor that is just waiting to be used.

3) If you don't have any extra decorations laying around, there's. still. time. ANNDD, there are a bunch of stores that already have Christmas decor on sale!

When I went shopping for Christmas decor, the only things I specifically bought for our bedroom were the two trees for our nightstands (thanks, Joann Fabrics) and the festive lumbar pillow (Target). The rest of the decor that I used in our bedroom was leftover and would have otherwise been sitting in storage.

I originally wanted to list my top three favorite Christmas decor items, but I could only narrow it down to a top four - so here we go!

1) Festive pillows or a blanket to add to the bed.

2) Mercury glass any and everything - candles, ornaments, etc.

3) Garland and more garland. Traditional, felt, ribbon, dried orange - SO MANY OPTIONS.

4) Last, but not least .... Christmas trees!

Check out some of what we have in our bedroom and some other cute finds, linked below. Leave a comment and let me know if you already decorate or if you're thinking about adding some Christmas decorations to your bedroom or guest bedrooms!


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