Spring Entryway Decor

This past Sunday, I spent a couple of hours giving our entryway area a makeover for the springtime. Chris (God bless his heart) hung up the shelf for me... three times because I couldn't decide how high I wanted it and I probably arranged & rearranged the items on the shelf about five times (more indecisiveness). Anyways ... I eventually finished styling our entryway, took some photos, and then went on the couch to hang out for a little. Probably an hour later, I made my way back to the shelf because I wanted to adjust the planter (huge mistake) ... and as I moved the plant, the entire shelf and everything on it fell. The vase, planter, and 1 out of 3 candle sticks didn't make it. I was upset at first, but then (with some more help from Chris) tried to look at all of the positives like the fact that Lorraine wasn't nearby when the shelf fell and that the mirror didn't crack (seven years of bad luck, no thanks!). OKAY enough of my sob story and onto how I styled our entryway and more importantly what not to do when hanging a shelf.

The first thing that we did was hang .... the shelf. Chris drilled into the brick, put an anchor in the wall and then put the screws in. After we investigated, the shelf mishap was actually my fault. When I originally put the shelf onto the screws (or so I thought), the right side wasn't actually locked in all the way ... so it was only a matter or time. We live and we learn though! Am I right?!

When I was deciding how to style the shelf, I looked for items with one or a combination of three things: 1) light colors to contrast against the brick, 2) height to fill up the wall space, and 3) greenery that felt like spring! I already had the mirror & candle sticks and I just recently got the planter and pink vase - RIP to those beauts.

When I started brainstorming ideas for our entryway makeover, lanterns were one of the first things that came to mind. I know lanterns might not scream spring, but I just love the coziness that they bring to a space. I originally wanted two of the exact same lanterns just at different heights, but I could NOT find two of the same that I loved. I eventually came across two different lanterns that I loved equally and decided that pairing the two together might actually look better than my original thought. Mixing and matching has never failed me and I’m really happy with the way these two lanterns look together.

I don’t normally decorate with a lot of color (or really any), but since I was updating this space for spring, I wanted to add some. I ended up finding a pillow at Target that had jusssst the right amount of color (which almost matches the color of the brick wall) and it’s exactly what I had envisioned. #targetneverletsmedown

Lastly, I wanted to add some more pieces that felt like spring and at the same time I wanted to fill up some of the empty spaces. I used a wicker basket, a plant, books, and sandals – and just placed each of these in between what I had already decorated. SO! EASY! and I feel like all of these items really brought the entire space together. Also... using shoes to decorate with is really underrated!

Okay - that's all! If you got this far, THANK YOU :) and be sure to check out the links below to see some of the items that I used to style our entryway!

The Infamous Shelf

Woven Wood Mirror

Ceramic Pink Vase

Faux Eucalyptus Stem

String Lights

Candle sticks from The Painted Quail in Newfield, NJ

Planter from Home Goods

Entryway bench was a DIY project - we got the bench from Chris's mom who found it for free :)

Striped Throw Pillow

Throw Blanket

Book #1: Be the Miracle

Book # 2: Homebody

Rounded Glass Lantern

Geometric lantern from Home Goods

Plant from Home Depot

Pot from The Painted Quail

Basket from Hobby Lobby


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