No Reno Apartment Kitchen Makeover

This was the before picture that I sent Chris the day that I started to give our kitchen a much needed makeover. Our kitchen was stuck in the '80s, but to be honest.. I liked the challenge that this kitchen gave me.


The first thing I did was take off all of the cabinet doors (except the one in the middle - because that one has a full circle shelf inside and is not the most flattering open). The doors were actually really easy to takeoff, I just used a screwdriver to unscrew the hinges and they came right off.

Once all of cabinet doors were off and the shelves were open, I started thinking about what to put in there. I wanted to at least try and make sure that most of what I put in the cabinets wasn't just 'for show' and was actually practical. We had a lot more than I thought of cute, practical items to put in the cabinets (mason jars, beer + wine glasses, cupcake pans, a pie dish .. you get the point). When it came to storage, I wanted to keep some of our food (almonds, oatmeal, rice, and pasta - we are really boring eaters) stored in glass jars, courtesy of Hobby Lobby! I also found a bread box from Home Goods and we store all of our spices in there. Lastly .. my favorite part (with some help from my Mom), I filled in the empty spaces with some decorative items.


Now, onto our formica countertops... I wanted to add a bunch to our counter without cluttering the kitchen. The first thing I added was a tart warmer - which I should really start getting paid to promote because of how often I tell people to buy these but, that's another story. I added the tart warmer, a chalkboard serving tray (to cover up the outlet), and some seasonal decor in one corner of the kitchen.

I added our toaster oven and on the other side of the kitchen, I created a little coffee corner with our coffee maker, coffee bean grinder, letter board (which currently has a below average Christmas themed quote on it), a cheese board (to cover up the other outlet), and a mini faux plant.


I'm obsessed with seasonal changes when it comes to the weather and even more obsessed when it comes to changing our apartment decor. We have a breakfast bar that is a little bit long for our two bar stools, so I moved the chairs over slightly to the right and I use the left side of the bar as a seasonal corner in our kitchen.

ANNNDDDDD, finally... here is the fall themed after picture of our no reno apartment kitchen makeover.


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