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Fall Decor Ideas - Layered Doormats

Now that we're two weeks into August, I figured there's really no better time to start looking for some fall decor. I wanted to highlight specifically the layered doormat trend and put together some pairs that I'm loving for the fall.

This trend has been around for a little while now, but I still really love it and I feel like this is such an easy way to cozy up your front porch. For the base layer, you'll want to find an outdoor rug that's a little bit larger than the actual doormat. If you want a lot of the rug showing, I think a 3' by 5' (or close to that) is a good size for the base layer rug. You could also do a 2' by 3' rug if you choose a doormat that's the typical 18" by 30" size.

Below are some layered doormat looks that I came up with, but feel free to mix and match the doormats and rugs as you like!

1) "Hey There, Pumpkin" Doormat layered over Natural/Orange Jute Rug

2) "Hocus Pocus" Doormat layered over Pottery Barn Chambray Indoor/Outdoor Rug

3) Pumpkin Doormat layered over Black Buffalo Check Rug

4) "Give Thanks" Doormat layered over Jute Rug

5) Pine Cone Doormat layered over Red Buffalo Check Rug

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