Dresser Turned Entryway Card Catalog Cabinet!

I found this dresser from FB marketplace a little over two years ago and Chris and I used it in our bedroom while we were in Philly. Last year (right before we moved out of Philly), we decided we wanted to strip all the paint off, stain it a lighter color and add new hardware. We spent weeks sanding this thing by hand and actually made decent progress. Then, we stole an electric sander from my Dad and finally got ALL the paint off the dresser.


Once we completely sanded the dresser, it sat in my parents' garage for a year because Chris and I moved back with our parents and there was no space for it in our room there. Fast forward to today.. Chris and I just bought our first house AND there's no space for it in our new bedroom haha. 🙃 So, we decided to put it in our entryway and convert it from dresser to an antique card catalog cabinet!!

We decided to paint it black because we thought that would give us a nice contrast between the wood floors and shiplapped walls. We also wanted the dresser to look really old (and we didn't want to use paint to distress it because we didn't want a shabby chic look), so before we started painting the dresser, we distressed the wood by hitting it with a hammer, hammering nails onto the edges and top, and using the jigsaw to rough up the edges.

We bought new hardware that was a little shorter than what would fit in the original holes in the drawers - so, we filled all the holes with nail filler, lightly sanded, and then started painting! We chose to use Milk Paint by Rust-Oleum in the color Eclipse and the paint was thicker than I thought it would be (in a good way) and the color is perfect!!

We purposely didn't fill in all the nicks that we made in the wood because we wanted it to look old and we are really happy we decided to do that! We also cut off the curved wood pieces in the middle of the dresser by using a jigsaw which we think really helped to make it look less like a dresser and more like something that should be in your living room / entryway area.

We ended up using two coats of paint, then lightly sanded some of the edges to distress it a little bit more. Once we finished sanding, we used a q-tip and stained the wood that was showing through from sanding so that it was a little bit darker than the natural wood color. We thought this would help it to look a little older too. Then, we screwed on the new hardware and our dresser that was in process for over two years was FINALLY done and it was worth the wait!!!


Products We Used:


Paint Stripper

Electric Sander

Electric Sander Sand Paper

Wood Filler




Sand Paper



Milk Paint

Paint Brushes

Provincial MinWax Wood Stain


Smaller Card Catalog Pulls

Larger Card Catalog Pulls


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